About Me
I’m 26 years old Chinese girl who just live and work in Shenzhen, I have graduated from the accounting department from University, Currently I work as an International accountant in an American Company,I love life and enjoy life. I think I am doing my best to be perfect and to be a remarkable woman beautiful both inside and outside, the “all in one”! That is why I work hard and learn hard. Because we only have life once!!!. Being beautiful is not so important as leading a beautiful life and I believe life is too short to live looking backwards. There will never be enough time to do all the things.
I am from a great family. I thank my parents that they are the best and raised me so well. They taught me to be a loving person,to love the world and the mother nature and that life is not all about money. They also taught me that working hard will pay off..

I m interesting in Business,Investment,International News, Fashion, Internet, social activities,Traveling、Swimming, Music、Party、Blog, writing, Red wine. Reading、Drive、Play Ice-skate. Play Bowling、Badminton. Play golf、American movies……etc,a ny fun things can surprise me and exciting………..